Gil Sternbach

Leverage Corporate Strategy
Management Consulting

Gil Sternbach

Gil Sternbach is President of Leverage Corporate Strategy, an independent management consulting firm that provides client companies and their executives with consulting and advisory services in the areas of corporate finance, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, investments, and operations.

Gil is well-traveled and multi-lingual. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Statistical Sciences from Western University, a Diploma in Business and Accounting from the Toronto School of Business, and an MBA in Finance from McMaster University. His professional background includes progressive management and executive positions in various industries including corporate banking, property management, real estate development, investment banking, and wholesale travel. In 2002, Gil began independently advising corporate executives and business owners, which led him to establish Leverage Corporate Strategy.

Gil is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Trustees, where he has been named Small Business Leader of the Year. He was also a city-appointed board member on the Economic Development Foundation, and currently serves in an advisory capacity, as a board member or as an officer for several organizations.

Despite his son’s graduation from Stoneman-Douglas High School, Gil remains the President of the school’s ice hockey program. His passions include travel, linguistics and skiing.