Leverage Corporate Strategy Unveils New Logo & Website

DECEMBER 18, 2017

Leverage Corporate Strategy brand identity

In celebration of the company’s 15th year in business, Leverage Corporate Strategy (LCS) announces the unveiling of a new trade name, logo and website.

Leverage logo

The change is in response to constructive feedback from CEO’s who represent the company’s target market. “We needed an image that was consistent with the name of the company, so that we could effectively communicate the nature of our services and value proposition to clients and prospects”, said Gil Sternbach, CEO of Leverage Corporate Strategy.

Leverage Corporate Strategy is an independent management consulting and business advisory firm that specializes in corporate finance, strategic planning and transactions. The Company was incorporated as Leverage Capital Resources in 2003. The original intent was to convey that a company’s success depends on its ability to effectively leverage four sources of capital – financial capital, human capital, intellectual capital, and capital equipment. However, over the course of 15 years, the focus of the consulting company has transitioned to be more strategic and global.

Leverage Corporate Strategy website design

LCS clients include domestic and foreign companies, corporate executives, business owners and investors. In response to clients’ growing needs, current business trends and continued changes in the economic environment, the firm’s scope of service offerings has evolved to provide a broad spectrum of value-added services. CEO Gil Sternbach explains, “What sets us apart from other consulting firms is our active participation in client projects, growth or investment initiatives, and company operations at the executive level.  We don’t simply point out deficiencies or make blind recommendations.  Rather, we present viable solutions and offer to lead the implementation to ensure successful execution. Most importantly, we believe that the client’s satisfaction should always be guaranteed.

Leverage Corporate Strategy is industry agnostic. The firm has serviced clients in more than 15 different industries. This is a testament to the management team’s belief that business principles apply uniformly across all industries, albeit with varying strategies and customized applications.

Leverage Corporate Strategy brand identity

The full suite of services provided by LCS is itemized and explained on the company’s website – LeverageCorporateStrategy.com. LCS retained the services of BrightPink Studio to recreate the firm’s logo and website. “The customer commissioned us to give them a new and more modern look that would better appeal and more effectively resonate with their clients”, said Madalina Iordache-Levay, CEO of BrightPink Studio.

With offices in Florida and London, BrightPink Studio is comprised of a team of strategists, developers, designers and writers that help businesses like LCS drive results by creatively communicating their brand and services. The services provided by BrightPink Studio to LCS included logo creation, website development, and business card design. The cooperation between Leverage Corporate Strategy and BrightPink Studio is an ideal example of the benefit of the two firms’ membership in the Parkland Coral Springs Business Group, an affiliation of business owners, executives and businesses that operate in diverse professions and industries.